Tshirt Fundraiser

Hey hey! 

I just wanted to write a quick note to everyone who reads the blog and can’t see our Facebook page! 

RIGHT NOW our tshirt fundraiser is going on! The “event” is only open until June 17th… After that shirts canNOT be purchased. 

It has been open for 10 days now and we have reached 215 shirts sold! How cool is that?!? 

To purchase a shirt go to 


*****ive been told that the above link isn’t working for some people… So I’m gonna post it in a few different ways and see if one of them works then ;)*****

There are unisex tshirts, a ladies slim fit tshirt, long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, and youth size shirts! 

Just some facts about the fundraiser/site that have been asked:

– the tshirts are a blended fabric between polyester and cotton so they do fit true to size! (The ladies shirt is meant to be more fitted though.) I also believe they are preshrunk so there should be no worries there. Also, because they are blended they are soft and comfy! They are a better quality shirt than a normal “Gildan” brand tshirt as well! 

– there are youth sizes! You may just have to scroll through the different shirt options to find it!!! 

– there is international shipping… It just costs a little extra (I believe it’s $11 shipping instead of $5) 

– you do have to submit your card info for payment BUT you do NOT get charged until the event is over!!!! So even if you can’t pay right now, you can still place an order since you won’t get charged until the end! 😉 
Thank you to those who have supported us throughout our journey. We are continually grateful for all of you! 
And because I can’t write a post without a picture or two…Here are some I took today to help “advertise” our tshirts: 

Annalise was really excited to show off her tshirt until she realized that she would be really sad for those who missed out and didn’t buy one!!! 

And then of course we just had to snap a few Inbetween 😉 

Now we are off to go to the church softball games so we hope you have a great week! 
May the Lord bless you, keep you, and give you peace!