2nd Christmas with our girl ;)

Hello family and friends!


I can NOT believe Christmas is in 7 days!!! WHERE has this year gone?!


AND! Annalise just turned 10 MONTHS old on the 17th!!!!!


As most of you probably know, exactly one week ago, we started on a whole new adventure with little miss Annalise.


Last Friday (December 11th), Annalise had her very first seizure.


Let me just set up the scene so you can picture how completely out of the blue it was.


That morning, we had gone to Children’s for her physical therapy. It was our therapists first week back from maternity leave and she was so excited to see how far Annalise has come since she’s been gone. Annalise was her normal, spunky self. That afternoon, we were playing while waiting for our home health nurse to show up for her weekly appointment. (This is where I stop and say THANK YOU LORD for ALWAYS providing. We had to reschedule her weekly visit TWICE that week already due to different appointments or sickness. That wasn’t a coincidence.)


Okay back to the visualization. 😉 The nurse came and did her normal routine check up. Her vitals were fine, her temperature was fine… everything was perfectly normal. Usually once the nurse is done, she will leave and go do her charting at the office/home…but that day, she just happened to stay and chart at our apartment. (THANK YOU! ;P) She was sitting in the living room with us charting, well I was playing and interacting with Annalise. Annalise was talking to us, laughing, and being her normal silly, happy self. She then started getting a little raspy. Which if you know Annalise, she’s always had positional breathing problems due to the size of her head compared to her neck. Also, if she gets really excited, she becomes raspy. So we didn’t think anything of it. I just rolled her to her belly for a minute so that she would calm down and not be raspy sounding. Once she was on her belly, her head turned away from us, I started saying her name trying to get her to turn her head back towards us (which she ALWAYS does). When she wouldn’t, I sat back down and that’s when I noticed her legs were twitching. It was just a very small, mild twitch but it was rhythmic. We turned her over and that’s when we noticed her arms were doing it as well. I picked her up while we waited a couple minutes to see if they would stop. She was still a little bit responsive at that point… meaning she smirked at me when I picked her up. After the 2 minutes went by, we were already talking to our pediatricians office and they were going to let the ER know we were coming.


Kevin was on his way home from school and was a couple minutes out. So while I hurry and got our things together (paperwork, etc.) the nurse was giving Annalise a dose of medicine that we have tucked away in our fridge if something like this were ever to happen. We drove to the ER and as soon as we sat down, they called us back. Annalise’s breathing stayed fine during the whole drive down to Childrens which is why we didn’t necessarily need the ambulance. It wasn’t until after we got there, that things worsened. She become lethargic and wasn’t reacting to anything. She was just staring off into space or looking around. She started drooling and then got really bad hiccups that messed with her breathing. It wasn’t until then that they sucked her mouth out, put some oxygen next to her and started doing jaw thrusts. I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW THAT WAS A THING! LOL! She was actively seizing for almost an hour. It took the dose we gave her at home PLUS two more doses of something different before she quit twitching.


After they got her to stop twitching, they hurry and took her in for a CT Scan and a Shunt Series. (They all came back good and nothing to worry about!) After all the scans, blood draws and testing, they started her on a seizure medicine (which she now takes daily).


She was so exhausted from everything that happened that she didn’t really “wake up” until about 4 AM Saturday morning. She had to have an IV in during the night since she wasn’t waking up to eat and had a dry diaper all night Friday.


Finally, late afternoon on Saturday, she started coming back around and was a little bit more like herself. Because she wasn’t having any other seizure activity while we were there, we were dismissed Saturday night.


Sunday, Annalise and I stayed home for most of the day to rest and recharge. 😉


By Monday, she was fully back to herself! In fact, this week… she has been even MORE talkative and smiley than before the seizure happened!


We have been continuing her normal weekly activities and therapies and she has been good so far! =)


I cannot even begin to explain how thankful we are for our nurse being there that day. The Lord always provides. (When we met up this week, she told me I gave her a funny look when she asked me if I wanted her to call 911 and get the ambulance. Of course, she knew that I was trying my hardest not to freak out at the time but the funny thing… I totally did NOT hear her ask me that! Or at least, I don’t remember that.)


We will be having a follow up with our neurologist the first week of January (she wasn’t working that weekend so we haven’t talked to her about everything).


Until then, we have about the next 2 weeks off for the holidays. I may be perfectly okay with having almost 2 weeks of not having any appointments (except her nurse of course) to where I can just snuggle her and spend time with Kevin!


We are SO excited to spend our 2nd Christmas 😉 with Annalise. If you don’t know why I am saying 2nd… then go back to last year and read this blog post:



It’s a GREAT reminder of how far we have come and how GREAT our God is!


While we are at it… here is the blog post I posted right after Christmas last year:




“…..There are times in your life when you automatically expect that you are going to get a “good” gift. Like at Christmas, you expect to get good presents…things you want or asked for. But sometimes, you don’t. Sometimes, God gives you something else. It doesn’t mean He doesn’t care, doesn’t listen, or isn’t good. He is always good. He always knows what He is doing.


We didn’t expect for our first child to have a rare brain disorder that means she may not live long. We didn’t want this to happen. We didn’t ask for such a good, precious gift to come out this way…..


So, remember, sometimes good gifts don’t work out the way we want, but they ALWAYS work out the way God wants. It doesn’t mean they aren’t good. They are always good. It just means that our perception of good isn’t the same as God’s perception of good.”


What an amazing reminder as we head into this Christmas.


I am SO thrilled to celebrate one of my favorite holidays with my two loves this year. Especially since NOONE thought we would be able to!

After the holidays and after her busy week of appointments at the beginning of January, I will update you guys more on little miss! =)


Now is usually the time where I put up a million photos but since I am in such a hurry this afternoon, I’m only putting up a few from our facebook page.

Tomorrow though, I will come back when I have more time and add more photos! =)


Until then! We hope you have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!! Cherish your moments and remember WHY we celebrate this beautiful holiday!


Updated photos as promised!!!! 

   The bottom 3 in pics above were taken the Friday morning before her first seizure (so you can see how normal and happy she was :))
 Above pics from Friday Decemeber 11th… After her first seizure. 

From hospital stay after first seizure. She clearly knew the right way to use her IV LOL!!! 

 Finally going home after seizure stay 
 I LOVE seeing their relationship 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍


  1. Marie Everly · December 19, 2015

    I just love her so much! She is a beatific gift from God. I pray for her always. Love to you all!


  2. Candice · December 20, 2015

    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas! Thanks for sharing your story with all of us. What an absolute gift Annalise is!


  3. notacrazyexwife · December 20, 2015

    Oh man, that hair slays me. She is absolutely beautiful. Her smile is to die for.


  4. debbiemcla · December 20, 2015

    Such a sweet gift from God. I sure that you must have been terrified, but glad that God worked it all out for you. I know that I will never be able to meet sweet little Annalise on this earth, but someday when Jesus returns and takes us all home to be with Him, I will get to meet her, all perfect, in total perfection of body. What a glorious day that will be!


  5. caitlyn · December 30, 2015

    Let’s talk about the dimples in her shoulders. Adorable!


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