The Final Destination

Hey family and friends!

Today we had our checkup and got to do another sono to measure our ornery Annalise! We wanted to see how much she has grown compared to a couple of weeks ago.

Let me just show you how ornery and stubborn she is though! This is the only picture we could get of her:


The one small black circle almost directly in the middle of the picture is one of her eyes. She likes to keep her head tucked in to the ball she sits in and always (I mean ALWAYS) has an arm and hand over the rest of her face. But to the left of the eye is her “chubby” cheek. (That’s what the sonographer called it!)

Annalise is doing great though! She got a perfect score on the system they use to track everything. She’s right on track with measurements (except her head of course), she had a good steady heartbeat, you could see her moving well, and you could see her breathing. She’s already head down even!

It still amazes me that she could be doing so incredibly well with everything and not have a fully formed brain. It just proves that our God is an awesome, powerful God. He gives us just what we need. I know that His plan through this all is perfect.

Speaking of plans, our scheduled C-section for February 20th is still a go!!!!! We were told today that even though her head is still growing, we could still have a regular C-section done on the 20th. There are ways around the surgery to where we wouldn’t have to turn it into a classical cut. If her head is too big then they can just make a bigger cut into the abdomen or into the muscle instead of switching to classical and putting more risks on both of us.

We are so incredibly blessed that everything is working out and coming together. We are now 2 weeks and 2 days away from meeting our “little” girl.

Are you wondering why I put quotes around little? Well… Today Annalise measured 6 pounds and 13 ounces (mainly head weight). So, she is putting on about a pound a week! If she continues at that rate, she will probably be around a 9 pound baby on the 20th!

Anyways 🙂 Next week will be my last week of work before I take my maternity leave. I have the week of the C-section off to get everything ready and get prepared for what’s to come. After the C-section I will take the recommended 8 weeks off to properly heal from the surgery. This means that for 9 weeks, I will not have an income. This is part of the reason why my family set up a fundraiser for us- to help with bills while I’m out of work. We are so thankful for those who have already contributed to our gofundme page ( and for those who have shared it to get the word out! We are also so incredibly thankful for those who have sent us anything in the mail! We are so blessed by all of you!

I have a feeling that the next 2 weeks are going to go by extremely fast. Before I know it, we are going to be walking into the hospital, getting ready to undergo surgery to meet our special miracle. As the next 2 weeks come and go, we ask for continued prayers as our unexpected journey reaches its “final destination”. Why quotes again? Because I know that life is not over. Not for Kevin and I… and not for our sweet Annalise. I find it ironic that when I was taking a shower this morning, listening to the Christian iTunes radio station, a certain song came on. Here’s part of the verse: “I’ll fly away to a land where joy never ends”. I’m so excited that Annalise gets to experience the land where joy never ends and we will eventually meet up with her again in heaven.

The only thing left to say is that our hope lies in such a sovereign God.

I pray that you who are reading this gets to the point in your life, God willing, that the above statement is true for you. There is nothing better in this world than knowing Jesus.

We love you all and can’t wait to tell you how this journey wraps up in the next couple weeks!

Blessings to all of you!



  1. Donna Thiessen · February 5, 2015

    No words, just want you to know you are in our thoughts and prayers.


  2. Sheila McLain · February 7, 2015

    Praying for comfort for you. 3 of my 4 children are in heaven.


  3. Jeannie Nichols · February 7, 2015

    Love to all of you, you are in our prayers everyday. Aunt Jeannie


  4. Heather Moorman · March 8, 2015

    I would love to talk with you all!!! My child was born with basically the same diagnosis!! I would love to learn and talk if you’d like!!! Heather Moorman, Iowa


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